The documents and reports listed below examine different aspects of the UK nuclear new build programme, and other issues of interest to nuclear manufacturing companies. Links will download the report as a pdf, or open an external web page.

Reports are presented for information only. The Nuclear AMRC is not responsible for their content.

Energy white paper: powering our net zero future BEIS, December 2020 – Outline of the government’s overall energy strategy, including the aim to bring at least one nuclear new build project to final investment decision by 2024. Also see the government’s ten point plan for a green industrial revolution (November 2020).

Advances in small modular reactor technology developments IAEA, September 2020 – Updated report on 72 different SMR designs under development in 18 countries.

Nuclear Sector Deal: two years on Nuclear Industry Council, September 2020 – Detailing progress on the Nuclear Sector Deal since its launch in 2018, with case studies and updates on key achievements.

Flexible nuclear energy for clean energy systems Clean Energy Ministerial, September 2020 – International report on how innovative and advanced nuclear systems can operate flexibly in tandem with renewables.

UK R&D and supply chain capability for advanced modular reactors BEIS, July 2020 – Assessment of the UK’s current capabilities and ares for development, compiled by NNL with supply chain assessment from the Nuclear AMRC.

Reducing UK emissions: 2020 progress report to parliament Committee on Climate Change, June 2020 – Assessment of progress in reducing UK emissions, with advice to government on securing a green and resilient recovery following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Forty by ’50: the nuclear roadmap NIA, June 2020 – Report backed by the Nuclear Industry Council, setting out the potential contributions nuclear can make to our new national priorities, and the steps required to deliver them.

Achieving net zero: the role of nuclear energy in decarbonisation Nirab, June 2020 – Annual report from the government’s advisory board, with a series of recommendations on R&D to support implementation of nuclear energy options.

Nuclear energy for net zero Energy Systems Catapult, June 2020 – Supplement to the Innovating to net zero report, with detaled assessment of the potential roles and contribution of nuclear energy in supporting decarbonisation paths.

Innovating to net zero Energy Systems Catapult, March 2020 – Models of detailed pathways to achieving net zero in the UK by 2050, including a centrally-managed “clockwork model” where nuclear provides up to 50 per cent of power.

Engineering net zero Atkins, January 2020 – Technical report detailing the opportunities and challenges in nuclear, renewables, hydrogen and carbon capture technologies.

The essential guide for the nuclear new build supply chain (stage 3) NIA, June 2019 – Guidance for SMEs on the potential opportunities, routes to market, and quality issues for new build in the UK.

Clean growth through innovation: the need for urgent action Nirab, April 2019 – Annual report from the UK Nuclear Innovation and Research Advisory Board, recommending a £1 billion five-year investment in advanced nuclear technologies.

NDA business plan 2019 to 2022 NDA, December 2018 – Useful overview of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s operations and planned developments.

Market framework for financing small nuclear BEIS, August 2018 –  Independent report from the Expert Finance Working Group on Small Reactors.

Nuclear Sector Deal BEIS, July 2018 – An agreement between the UK government and industry to reduce costs and develop the domestic supply chain capability and skills through new construction techniques and innovative approaches to manufacturing.

Glossary of nuclear terms Burges Salmon, May 2018 – Useful reference explaining the jargon of the UK civil nuclear industry.

ETI nuclear cost drivers project: summary report Energy Technologies Institute, April 2018 – Overview of eight key cost drivers and 35 credible opportunities for cost reduction in nuclear power.

Sellafield contract quality requirements manual Sellafield Ltd, September 2017 – Describes required oversight and assurance activities for contractors and suppliers.

UK nuclear: powering the future NIA, UKTI, January 2015 – Overview of UK capabilities in nuclear new-build, maintenance, decommissioning, and support services.

Small modular reactor feasibility study NNL, December 2014 – Industry-led report on potential for SMR development and deployment in the UK.

Small nuclear power House of Commons, December 2014 – Findings of select committee enquiry into potential of SMRs for the UK.

Hinkley Point C supply chain booklet EDF Energy, December 2013 – A step-by-step guide to the procurement opportunities at EDF’s first new UK reactor, and the process to become a qualified supplier.

The UK’s nuclear future HM Government, March 2013 – The government’s nuclear industrial strategy, describing how it aims to help UK companies seize growth opportunities in the global nuclear sector.

A review of the civil nuclear R&D landscape in the UK HM Government, March 2013 – Report highlighting the importance of coordination between the public and private sectors, and identifying areas for long-term development.

The economic benefit of improving the UK’s nuclear supply chain capabilities Oxford Economics, March 2013 – Analysis of opportunities in the nuclear sector, and the potential to expand UK  market share.

Building new nuclear: the challenges ahead DECC, March 2013 – Energy and Climate Change Committee report highlighing the costs and consequences of a failure to build a new fleet of nuclear power stations in the UK.

Capability of the UK nuclear new build supply chain NIA, December 2012 – Report on UK industry’s capability to deliver the proposed new build, with recommendations of government and industry. Plus detailed appendix of work package data sheets.

Energy materials: opportunities and challenges in attaining the UK’s 2020 targets for nuclear electricity generation Materials Knowledge Transfer Network, October 2012 – Survey of key issues for materials and manufacturing in UK nuclear new build, focusing on supply of raw materials, the manufacturing supply chain, and operations and maintenance.

The future of nuclear energy in the UK Birmingham Policy Commission, July 2012 – Assessment of UK nuclear’s current circumstances and likely prospects, with policy proposals including shared financial risk between private and public sectors, and government-led training programmes.

Benefits from infrastructure investment: a case study in nuclear energy IPPR (for EDF Energy), June 2012 – Finds that building new nuclear capacity in the UK can boost GDP by over £5 billion, create 32,500 new jobs, and increase exports by up to £900 million.

Britain’s nuclear future Institute of Directors, June 2012 – Report from the IoD’s Infrastructure for business series, setting out positive case for nuclear power in the UK.

Nuclear construction lessons learned: nuclear safety culture Royal Academy of Engineering, February 2012 – Review of best practice in nuclear safety, with a focus on new-build.

Japanese earthquake and tsunami: implications for the UK nuclear industry Office for Nuclear Regulation, September 2011 – Final report compiled by Dr Mike Weightman.

Assessing the sustainability of nuclear power in the UK SPRing (University of Manchester), December 2011 – Study of economic and environmental sustainability of nuclear and other generation sources for the UK, finding that nuclear power could make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 but presents significant challenges.

A low carbon nuclear future: economic assessment of nuclear materials and spent nuclear fuel management in the UK Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, March 2011 – Review of materials capabilities of UK nuclear industry, concluding that the industry is not currently well suited to new build.

Next generation: skills for new build nuclear Cogent, March 2010 – Identifies issues of capacity, capability and skills gaps for UK nuclear new-build, with recommendations.

Nuclear build: a vote of no confidence? Institution of Mechanical Engineers, March 2010 – Argues that UK government needs to provide leadership and commit support to nuclear new-build.

Nuclear lessons learned Royal Academy of Engineering, October 2010 – Details lessons learned in previous nuclear power station construction projects which can be of relevance to UK new build.

Power people – the civil nuclear workforce Cogent, September 2009 – Review of current UK nuclear skills base, and forecast of future demands.

Powering the future: mapping our low-carbon path to 2050 Parsons Brinckerhoff, December 2009 – Study of how UK can meet 2050 emissions targets, showing the case for nuclear baseload.

A review of the UK’s nuclear R&D capability TSB, March 2010 – Assessment of UK’s current R&D capacity for nuclear engineering, and opportunities to develop new technologies.

Securing investment in nuclear in the context of low-carbon generation KPMG, July 2010 – Overview of financial aspects of UK new build. Nuclear generation is low cost, but may still be financially unattractive without government intervention.

A skills report for the nuclear industry Cogent, August 2010 – Overview of Cogent’s support programmes for workforce skills development in the nuclear industries.

The mapping of materials supply chains in the UK’s power generation sector Materials UK, April 2008 – Overview of markets, strengths and opportunities in UK material supply chains for nuclear, fossil fuels and renewables.